Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chantilly lace/tulle gown, c.1905

How beautiful is this gown? I have been admiring it for some time on the Vintage Textile website. Not possible to buy, even with the Aussie Dollar nearing equal to the US Dollar. Here is the description:

Black Chantilly lace has always been associated with romance and mystery. When combined with black tulle in a gown, Chantilly lace makes a dramatic statement. This is the sort of grand gown that you would have worn if you had been born into the elite New York society depicted by Edith Wharton in House of Mirth (1905).

This gown is extra special for two reasons: the unusual addition of colorful floral appliqués; and the use of black velvet bands to highlight the texture. The gown is totally lined with écru silk. This allows all the textural elements—Chantilly lace inserts and appliqués, rows of tucks, and black velvet ribbon bands—to stand out.

The bodice has the full pigeon-breasted front typical of the period. The skirt is cut longer and fuller in back, forming a small train. The boned bodice closes with hooks on one side of the front. The skirt closes with hooks in back.
The condition is very good to excellent. In the lining of the bodice are several patches and some minor splits. Luckily, the skirt lining is in excellent shape and does not need to be replaced.

It measures: 36" bust, 25" bodice waist, 14 1/2" sleeve length, 16" from the shoulder to the bodice waist, 28" skirt waist, full in the hip, and 42" skirt front length.

*sigh* One of the many things I would buy should I win the lottery!

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